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  1. My Quest for the Holy Grail….

    2015-10-14 17:15:00 UTC

    …or more specifically, the holy grail of Headshot lenses I’m writing this to explain my thinking, as much to myself, as to anyone else. My name is Neil Buchan Grant and…..I am addicted to fast glass! When I used Canon gear, I spent a fair amount of time trying out,…

  2. The Hunter and the Fisherman - Venice 2014

    2014-06-16 16:12:22 UTC

    Earlier this month (June) I and the accomplished landscape photographer Steve Gosling hosted a 3 day photographic workshop in Venice, Italy for Olympus UK. It was well attended by photographers from as far afield as Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria and London. They were a very interesting and enthusiastic group. The…

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