The Dogs of Cheltenham

Welcome to The Dogs of Cheltenham, the fine art book project celebrating the beauty and character of our canine friends. The Dogs of Cheltenham project is the brainchild of the award winning travel photographer and dog lover Neil Buchan-Grant. Applications for the new book have now closed, we have our 50 dogs and will complete the photography over May and June 2021. If you would like to have your dog photographed just for your own purposes, please get in touch. I will be terminating the lease on the studio this summer.

The book..... a sumptuous photo book, featuring fine art portraits of 50 dogs found in the Cheltenham area. It's a faux-leather-bound, hardback,  coffee table book  measuring 11" x 11" inches. 

Limited Edition.....

The book is published in a limited edition (max 100) signed and numbered copies. It will include both Colour, Black and White and Selenium toned prints. Each dog will get a huge two-page spread.

Fine Art Quality....

The book is printed by one of Europe's leading fine art book makers, Saal of Bavaria. It uses high end, thick, matte paper and lay-flat technology to ensure each spread can be fully appreciated.

Your dog in print....

Neil is actively seeking more dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages for the new book. Successful applicants will be asked to make a donation of no less than £50 to the Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Social Distancing Measures

Our studio is quite spacious and we will also maintain social distancing measures and offer fresh face masks if required and in accordance with current government guidelines

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