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Hearing from us

Its important to know that not everyone who applies for the project will be chosen as we are looking for a broad cross-section of dogs to include a diverse range of breeds and ages and crucially we wish to include non-pedigree 'scrufts' too! You will only be required to make a donation to the Cheltenham Animal Shelter if you are chosen to appear in the book. You will then have a photoshoot and this guarantees your place in the book.

If your application is successful we will get in touch within 7 days so good luck!!

All shoots will take place in our spacious ground floor studio in central Cheltenham.  Dogs do not need to be groomed but if you want them to look their best you should arrange that to coincide with the shoot date. The shoot will only be carried out by Neil himself and should only take around 30-60 minutes. 

On the day of the shoot please ensure that your dog has had its morning constitutional before entering the studio.  Please note that we would not agree to photograph dogs dressed in 'little  outfits' as we consider such atrocities to be demeaning to dogs in general. That said, we love to show the fun side of a dogs personality so please bring your dog's favourite toy and any treats they like which may come in useful.

After the Shoot - Neil will edit all the images for potential inclusion in the book.  Your dog(s) can be shown with up to 5 images printed over a two page spread along with their name and, if space allows, any interesting anecdotes you would like to share. Around two weeks after the shoot you will be invited back to the studio to view the images.  At that time you will get a chance to talk about which images go in the book and you'll have an opportunity to order a copy of the book or buy prints as a memory of the day.

The book will be available to pre-order at your viewing or you can apply online to purchase additional copies, but please be aware that this is a strictly limited edition publication of just 100 signed and numbered copies. We will reserve one copy for you to buy at your viewing but after that we cannot guarantee availability. When this collector’s edition is sold out there will be no other copies available.

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