1. Insight Guides Blog post

    21 Jun 2019
    A while back I wrote a piece for Insight Guides about going to New York at Christmas. You can read it here!

  2. Clever meets Beauty on the Southbank

    11 Mar 2018
    I finally got up to London last week to see the exhibition of photography by Andreas Gursky at the Hayward gallery on the Southbank. Gursky hit the headlines a few years ago when one of his photographs sold for more money than any other in history, $4.3M. Pictures of the…

  3. What do Artists do All Day? - Dougie Wallace

    13 Mar 2017
    What do Artists do All Day - Dougie Wallace  The practice of photography combines the world of science and technology with the artistic realm. Photography also incorporates a marriage of the cerebral and often to a lesser extent the physical. The street photographer Dougie Wallace is one who employs a…

  4. 2016 Summary - Some favourite shots

    29 Dec 2016
    48 hours to the end of another year and the need to round off my blog with an obligatory post of pictures looms again. Over 31,000 pictures spurted out into the digital kleenex of time (metaphor warning: I have a COLD!) during this last 12 months and it seems, only…

  5. A Cuban Epiphany - the new Olympus lenses

    18 Sep 2016
    After many years of searching for the Holy Grail of headshot lenses to use with the micro four thirds system, I’ve finally found it! Olympus asked me to take 2 newly announced lenses to Havana in August, the 25mm 1.2 PRO and the 12-100mm f4 PRO. This post tells the…

  6. NYC Workshop with David Alan Harvey

    15 Jun 2016
    In May 2016 I went to New York to join 11 other students to learn from one of the greats of our craft, David Alan Harvey. David is a photographer who I have been following for about 5 years, his prolific career with National Geographic, Magnum, as founding editor of…

  7. 2015 Summary - 10 favourite shots

    24 Dec 2015
    Fuerteventura The year started shooting in the most brilliant of sunlight, on the Spanish Canary Island of Fuerteventura. Booked at the last minute, this trip was less about photography for a change and more about just getting some winter sun. It was okay, if a tad boring, I couldn’t find…

  8. India - The Kuoni Photo Tour 2015

    12 Dec 2015
    Last month I led a group of 14 people in the first ever Photo Tour for the leading luxury tour operator KUONI. This new type of photographic holiday embraced all levels of photographic skill and combined the best of KUONI’s award winning itinerary with special prearranged photo opportunities and one…

  9. My Quest for the Holy Grail….

    14 Oct 2015
    …or more specifically, the holy grail of Headshot lenses I’m writing this to explain my thinking, as much to myself, as to anyone else. My name is Neil Buchan Grant and…..I am addicted to fast glass! When I used Canon gear, I spent a fair amount of time trying out,…

  10. Commission - Scottish Fashion Awards 2015

    14 Oct 2015
    Christopher Kane  - Scottish Designer of the Year This summer I learned that Olympus were sponsoring the Scottish Fashion Awards to be held at the Corinthia Hotel in London. I immediately suggested it could be a great opportunity to make some decent ‘winners’ portraits’ and Olympus gave me the go…

  11. Sibiu 2.0

    21 Aug 2015
    I recently returned from my second trip to Sibiu in Transylvania to photograph the city’s annual fashion festival, BeCreative. As with last year I chose to shoot the fashion shows from behind the stage, leaving the well lit catwalk coverage to the many DSLR equipped photographers in attendance.  The location…

  12. The Art of Processing - Making the most of your Images

    04 Aug 2015
    a look at the theory, practice and ethics This text applies to the processing of digital image files in general, not with any specific program. And to be quite clear from the outset, I don’t consider myself any kind of ‘processing guru’. I probably use only about 5% of what…

  13. The Art of the Edit

    25 Jul 2015
    Editing is a huge factor, in today’s photography more than ever before and like photography, its a skill that improves with experience and practice. Essentially, an edit just boils down to a very long series of decisions, everyone of which can mean the difference between beauty and disaster. And the…

  14. Wimbledon Championships with the Olympus 40-150mm PRO lens

    08 Jul 2015
    I’m not really a sports photographer but I’ve been an avid watcher of the Wimbledon championships since the days of Mac and Borg. I’ve always wanted to go to Wimbledon but the tickets always seemed so expensive and mostly swallowed up by corporate buyers and tennis clubs. So when a…

  15. The Hetty Shoot

    05 Jun 2015
    Several months ago I watched the BBC drama “The Casual Vacancy” on television. Hetty Baynes Russell, who played one of the characters, stood out for me as an interesting photographic subject. After a few emails I met up with Hetty for a coffee in Fulham, London, where we discussed the…

  16. 2014 Summary - 10 favourite shots

    09 Jan 2015
    It seems to be a common practice in ‘web world’ to summarise the year just passed, mention photographic high points and illustrate these with some favourite pictures, so I thought, why not Since throwing myself into photography in a more serious way about 4 years ago, I think my work…

  17. The new Olympus 40-150mm 2.8 Pro zoom lens

    31 Oct 2014
    On Wednesday the 29th of October I met up with the Olympus photographers at the Imagespace gallery in Broadgate, London. The task, to make some pictures with and gather our own impressions of, the new professional zoom lens for the micro four thirds system The latest addition to the MFT…

  18. The Hunter and the Fisherman - Venice 2014

    16 Jun 2014
    Earlier this month (June) I and the accomplished landscape photographer Steve Gosling hosted a 3 day photographic workshop in Venice, Italy for Olympus UK. It was well attended by photographers from as far afield as Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria and London. They were a very interesting and enthusiastic group. The…

  19. Vejer Feria 2014 - the best of Andalucia

    07 May 2014
    The Feria is a post-easter spring celebration held in Andalucia, a bit like our county shows in the UK but with bigger bulls and a tad more sunshine. The Feria in Vejer de la Frontera is one of the best and shows some of the finest horses and bulls you…

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